Volkswagen is launching 25+ electric vehicles in the USA within 2030

In a major move, Volkswagen’s branded electric vehicles are set to take the US by storm, within eight years, Volkswagen plans to make up 55% of its US sales with electric models. Volkswagen has a goal to make & sell 25 electric cars by 2030. Volkswagen has revealed its plans for the upcoming years and one of those goals is to sell 25 electric cars by 2030. It’s not clear what models will be produced, but the company said that it will have purely electric vehicles under the group by 2030. In terms of how the models will be distributed, and which brands will launch the electric vehicle, Volkswagen did not disclose further details. Volkswagen is also planning to convert its factory in Mexico into the manufacture of electric vehicles or other components like electric motors by the mid of this decade. Scott Keogh, CEO and the President of Volkswagen Group of America announced that the company is beginning to eliminate vehicles that have internal combustion engines on the US market. Volkswagen plans to launch all-electric vehicles in the US in the 2030s

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