PCB announced to rename Gaddafi Stadium

The legacy of the iconic cricket stadium “The Gaddafi Stadium” in Lahore is finally getting a much-deserved update. The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) recently announced that they are trying to rename the stadium. Now after almost five decades, Gaddafi Stadium will revert to its new name.

Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, who was one of the main leaders of Pakistan’s nuclear program named it after the honor of former Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi. Because Mr. Gaddafi supported Pakistan for his claim over nuclear weapons and as a new Islamic nuclear state.

Several political forces had tried to have the stadium renamed after Mr. Gaddafi was toppled, but the move of changing the name was not successful.

The purpose of the name change is purely financial, as the board attempts to sell the naming rights for a high price. So, the motive behind the move is to sell naming rights and make a profit from them.

The PCB chairman Ramiz Raza said the board had been in negotiations with multiple sponsors over naming rights this year. “The highest bidder will win, and the stadium’s name will be named after the winner’s choice,” he said.

He further said not only Gaddafi Cricket Stadium, but they are also trying to do the same with National Stadium, Karachi & others.

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