Easy way to Disable Comments in WordPress

Have you at any point pondered how to debilitate remark in WordPress? At the point when you have a blog (or sites), you realize that remark segment can increment commitment with the guests. Remark segment is imperfect. Beside expanding commitment with your guests (you can impart and communicate with them), you can likewise dive deeper into them – what they are intrigued about, how they feel about your items, and such thing the same.

Nonetheless, the remark segment can have a few disadvantages as well. It might contain spam contents from ‘obscure’ guests. However, cheer up! You can continuously ‘switch off’ the segment so nobody can make a wreck at your site. Not every person likes enacting their remark area, all things considered. In most normal cases, the blog proprietors might handicap that specific area since they believe the guests should utilize different channels, for example, talk lines, messages, and others for commitment. It’s likewise great that there are a few modules that you can use to debilitate the part. Don’t bother stressing; you don’t need to be a scientific genius just to make it happen!

How to Disable Comment in WordPress with the Built-in Feature

Fundamentally, you don’t have to stress over this matter on the grounds that WordPress has given every one of the required elements to clients. Normally, they additionally give the highlights where clients can impair or empower remarks. This strategy has its own limit, however it is the quickest choice if you have any desire to do it immediately.

Assuming that you are utilizing this implicit element, you have a few choices. You can handicap the remark segment for just a specific page or post, OR you can incapacitate it for the entire site of yours.

Disable Comments for Certain Page or Post

Remember that remarks are organized in default (in view of pages), so if you need to switch off a particular post, you should do it all alone – page per page. You just have to go to the post’s page and pick the choice ‘Conversation’. Click on it and there would be two choices. Just uncheck the segment ‘Permit Comments’ and you have crippled it! In any case, in the event that there have been a few remarks on the post (before you debilitate it), the remarks will remain. This activity will not erase them. Need to eliminate the remarks also? Do it physically, individually.

Disable Comments Globally

If you don’t want any comment in any of your posts, then go to ‘Settings’, and choose ‘Discussion.’ Just like the previous way, just uncheck the option ‘Allow people to comment on new posts or articles’. People won’t be able to make comments on your posts. However, just like the previous method, you won’t be able to delete the already existing comments.

Use (Free) Plugins

There are several plugins that can be used to manage this. Some of them are free, while some are quite premium. It’s a good thing that there are several candidates of the plugins that you can use to turn off the comment section. We’re doing to review some of the free options.


One of them is rbPlugins with the Disable Comments feature. This is a handy tool that will disable and remove all attachments, pages, and posts globally. Anything that you have set would be deleted from Admin menu, widgets, and Dashboard. The plugin is simple and yet it is powerful.

Some of its key features are:

It can disable Atom/RSS feeds
It can hide all comments links within admin menu
It can hide Discussion/Dashboard section
It can hide Recent Comments/Dashboard section
It is able to disable all comment widgets
It would turn off the pingback function within the header and disable pingbacks altogether
It will disable Discussion page settings
The greatest thing about this plugin is the easy set-up. You only need to install the plugin within the site and access the settings to manage the activity. It’s as easy as that!


This is another plugin that can used to disable (or enable) comments while regaining control over your own post. Not only it can prevent spammers, but the overall operation itself is super effective and easy. With this plugin, there are so many benefits to enjoy, such as:

You can control your site and manage it the way you like it
Not only you can disable post comments, but you can also turn off the comments for media and pages. Simply access the Disable Comments section and configuration without a sweat, and you can have the ideal website that you always want
This is a handy tool if you have more than one website. You can actually disable comments (and manage them) with this single plugin.
You can enjoy features like hiding comments link, hiding Discussion page, turning off the comment-associated widgets, and so much more.

Perfmatters – the Paid Service

If you don’t mind spending extra, there are some premium plugins that can be super handy in managing your site’s comment section. Naturally, the paid service offers more features and abilities. After all, you get worthy services from your investment. This plugin not only comes with handy set of features, but the operation itself is smooth and simple.

Streamline dashboard is one of its biggest fortes. Feel free to enjoy greater freedom in making adjustments, tweaks, and changes that can maximize the operation of the site. There are tons of likable features of this plugin, such as:

You can enjoy simple option and method for comment disable, but you can also enjoy the advanced method, if you prefer.
The dashboard is a breeze. It is straightforward and minimal without compromising functionality or performance
Not only it can deal with your comment section, but it can also speed up the processing time, thanks to its feature that can reduce http request
The plugin is always updated, so there won’t be any outdated issue
The plugin is lightweight. It won’t add any extra burden to the system and yet it is extremely powerful


Managing your website shouldn’t be difficult or complicated. There are helpful features, plugins, and tools that can assist you along the way. Knowing how to disable comment in WordPress can be really helpful for more effective site’s management – now you only need to choose which method you like the most.

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